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During our work we have achieved the following results:

A new product for the Russian market has been created

Business Development Services - for companies operating in the field of industrial and civil construction. We help companies working in the field of design, construction and equipment supply to attract new customers, increase their turnover and expand their presence in the market.

We have a formed pool of Clients who have been successfully working with us for a long time with concrete results in the form of awarded and implemented projects for such Russian and foreign companies as Miratorg, RBPI (Russia Baltic Pork Invest), Agroeco, R-Pharm, Pharmstandard, Nestle, PepsiCo, Jacobs, SAATBAU, Globus, IXcellerate, Mastertel, Smurfit Kappa, Norilsk Nickel, British American Tobacco, JTI Petro, Ikea and others.

In the field of Project Management, we have implemented:

Project to build a corporate university for a large industrial holding in the Murmansk region, Project to expand a plant of the largest international corporation in the field of food production in the Moscow region, The implementation of installation supervision and commissioning for ventilation, heating, air conditioning and enterprise automation systems for slaughter and processing of meat in Primorye, a meat processing plant in the Pskov region, a meat processing plant in Penza, Project to create working documentation for a data processing center in Moscow, Project to reconstruct an office building in the historical center of St. Petersburg, Project to create design and working documentation FLC with an ice skating rink in Kemerovo.

Due to the nature of our activities and confidentiality agreements with our Clients, we do not post the names of our Clients on the site, however, in all areas of our activity, we have Recommendation Letters and we will provide them upon your request.

Previously gained experience in the field of company development, customer acquisition, project implementation:

Organization of new enterprises, diversification of activities and development of new business lines, including the development of a business plan and development strategy, the formation of an organizational structure, the provision of personnel and resources.

The most significant results:

In 2015, a (co-ownership) company was established for the maintenance and operation of real estate and engineering systems - Quattroservices Facility Management. The company, which started from scratch, currently has a staff of more than 100 people and a turnover (2018) of more than 1.3 million euros excluding VAT.

In 2015, a division for the sale of equipment and materials consisting of 1 person was formed. Turnover over 300,000 euros per year. In 2016 - division of general contracting. During the first year of operation of the division, contracts were signed for more than 8 million euros. In 2017 - a division for the installation of technological equipment. Turnover of more than 2 million euros in the first year of operation.

Improving the organizational structure of the existing business, the formation and development of key departments:

In 2013, a marketing and sales department was established. As a result - a significant increase in sales (95% of customers have not worked with the company before).

In 2013, a tender department was formed. The number of evaluated tenders increased by 7 times, 20% of which were won by the company.

Purchasing department organized. Some of the best price and contract (postpaid) conditions have been achieved with suppliers in Europe and Russia. Knowledge of the first persons of all major manufacturers. 2 conferences for suppliers were held, with the participation of 50 to 70 representatives of vendors.

Optimized recruitment. The company's staff has been doubled (not counting blue-collar workers).